Exody E-Business Intelligence GmbH
    the e-business intelligence company
    Hauptstraße 129
    65760 Eschborn

    Phone: +49 6196 9599140
    Fax: +49 6196 9599150
    E-Mail: info@exody.net

Exody the e-business intelligence company

Exody is a leading provider of software solutions for professional analysis of web site visitor behavior and online shopping. With its products WebSuxess and ShopSuxess, Exody offers a full range software platform that serves all needs for mission-critical e-business intelligence.

Exody is based in Frankfurt/Germany, but operates internationally with distribution and marketing partners across Europe and in the U.S.

Exody is a company of HLP Information Management, which focuses on the realization of complex, customized Internet projects. The HLP Group leverages its expertise in ERP systems, e-commerce and knowledge management for synergy effects that distinguish its work and benefit its customers and partners.